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How to Order Chinese Food in Bellevue, WA

chinese food in bellevue wa


Chinese cuisine has a history in America stemming back generations. Today, it remains the single most popular foreign cuisine across the US. There are a plethora of reasons for this, but they likely include the wide range of flavors and the regional diversity in dishes.


If you're looking to order Chinese food in Bellevue, WA, there are some things you may be interested to know. Read on for some tips on how you can make your experience with delicious dishes like soup dumplings as amazing as possible.


Browse the Full Menu

It's easy to skip to the section of the menu that you normally eat from. If you're a poultry enthusiast, you might just skip over all the other sections on the menu and solely consider chicken dishes.


However, this isn't the best way to order Chinese food since the dishes on each restaurant's menu are so diverse. What you love at one restaurant won't necessarily be your #1 favorite dish at another. Browse all sections of the menu and make a more well-informed decision before you purchase anything.


Don't skip over the vegetarian dishes, either-- many of them use unique and rich sauces to bring out the delicious flavors of the vegetables or tofu used. If something sounds good, try it-- the worst that will happen is you’ve learned more about your palate and preferences.


Consider Going Family Style

 If the Chinese restaurant you’re dining at has a large and extensive menu, you'll want to try multiple dishes at once if at all possible. If you're ordering with a partner or a friend, get 2-3 dishes to share. If you're with a large group, that's even better-- get a dish for each person and some appetizers.


Share them with everyone else in the group family-style. This will let everyone experience multiple dishes and get a better feel for what they want to order next time when they're alone.


Family-style meals also are an excellent social experience. In fact, those in China consider mealtimes to be a time to bond with their friends and family. This allows you to experience Chinese food in the most rewarding way.


Try the Appetizers

Main courses aren't the only thing you need to look at when ordering Chinese food. Appetizers are just as important because of their diversity and unique flavors. Egg rolls are great, but you should also consider trying vegetables in authentic sauces, spring rolls, tofu dishes, and, our personal favorite, dumplings.


However, don't limit yourself to what the menu at your local restaurant has to offer. You can get delicious, flavorful Chinese soup dumplings delivered frozen to your doorstep.


Steam them in the comfort of your home and enjoy them with those around you. Cooking dumplings with a friend or loved one can be a shared experience you cherish together.


Don't Forget the Sauces

Many Chinese dishes already come slathered in amazing sauces. However, some of them require you to request it on the side. Don't forget to put the sauces that you want in the notes of your order (or, depending on the restaurant, just click on the option that you want).


You need to get sauces for your soup dumplings- it's a non-negotiable. They're just too delicious to pass up. Luckily, you have multiple sauce options and are bound to find something you like.


Classic vinegar sauce is perfect for those who are new to Chinese food and are looking for a tried-and-true option that never goes out of style. An Umami green-scallion ginger sauce is great for those who want a rich and savory flavor. If you're a spicy food enthusiast, try our Chili Crisp sauce- it's amazing and packs a real punch.


Even better, don't choose between the three- select a trio package and try them all!


Order Chinese Food in Bellevue, WA Today

Now that you know how to order Chinese food in Bellevue, WA, it's time to get started.


Order delicious frozen soup dumplings and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Make sure that you get a steamer for your dumplings as well so you can steam them before going to pick up food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. We're excited to deliver you delectable flavors that you're sure to love!


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