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The Benefits of Steaming Frozen Dumplings

steam frozen dumplings


It's Thursday night. The weekend is in sight, but it's not quite here yet. With one weekday left, you're craving a dinner that will lift your spirits.


The best way to lift your spirits through food is to choose a meal that will leave you feeling fresh and fulfilled. If you've already had mac and cheese three times this week, it's probably time to switch it up. 


Frozen dumplings are a delicious food to keep in your freezer. And, when you steam frozen dumplings, they come with a whole host of benefits. These benefits range from health to quality while also encapsulating the tradition behind Chinese cuisine. 


Read on to learn all the wonderful benefits that go hand-in-hand with steaming your frozen dumplings!

First Thing's First: Find Frozen Dumplings from a Trusted Source

To achieve maximum benefits from steaming your oriental dumplings, you want to make sure that you get them from the right place. There are three key ways to ensure that your frozen dumplings are coming from a trusted source.


Find an Authentic Business


Authenticity will be of the utmost importance to any business selling traditional Chinese dumplings. The most mindful of these businesses will understand that authentic dumplings mean different things to different Asian cultures. 


Ideally, you want their business to be about more than food. Is there a message besides simply selling dumplings? Do they have a distinct philosophy when it comes to food and business?


These are key questions to ask yourself when trying to find frozen dumplings from a trusted source.


Is Quality Their Priority?


When you order frozen dumplings, you want to be sure that you'll get quality food. The right business will be transparent about their treatment of quality. It's also important to remember that quality can mean a number of things.


Where is their food sourced from? How is it prepared? How do they store their ingredients?


These questions are extra important when frozen food is involved. The quality of frozen food is only as stellar as the initial production process. Do your research about this process to make sure quality is a priority.


Great businesses will even have an FAQ section that answers these questions thoroughly.


Read Verified Customer Reviews


If a product is really good, the verified customer reviews will reflect this. Look for these reviews beneath the option to purchase frozen dumplings on any given website. 


Steam Frozen Dumplings to Enhance Your Eating Experience

Now that you know how to ensure great quality, it's time to talk about all the benefits that come with steaming your dumplings. Keep in mind that you can achieve these benefits with ease. Steaming dumplings is a quick and efficient method.


Textural Benefits


The textural benefits result from the fact that steaming is a very gentle method. It heats up the food without using harsh or dry heat.


If you pan-fry a dumpling, it will have crispy sides. If you deep fry it, it will be thickly crispy all around. Steaming has textural benefits because it keeps the dumpling from becoming heavy.


Rather, the texture is soft and light. Pan-fried and deep-fried dumplings have a time and place, but nothing beats the clean delicacy of a steamed dumpling. 


Health Benefits


There are numerous health benefits to steaming your dumplings. When your dumplings are frozen, they retain the food's vital nutrients, flavors, and overall colors. 


Because steaming is a gentle, natural process, it makes sure that the frozen dumpling doesn't lose any of its nutrients when cooked. Additionally, you don't have to add any oils, fats, or other additives to the cooking process. 


Also, you can include a variety of lean meats in your dumplings like chicken, shrimp, or pork. This lean protein paired with the natural process of steaming makes for a very healthy meal. 


Quality Benefits


If you get your frozen dumplings from the right place, the quality of steaming your dumpling will be infinitely better than steamed dumplings from a restaurant. If you get steamed dumplings at a restaurant, they'll still be healthy and delicious.


However, you won't know exactly what went into the process of making them, or what exact ingredients were used. With frozen dumplings, the quality of steaming them is great because you can read exactly where they came from. You can also see all of the nutrition information on the back of the packaging. 


Traditional Benefits


When it comes to tradition, there are many Asian meals that include dumplings. Different types of dumplings (i.e. pan-fried, deep-fried, etc.) represent different Asian cultures.


Steamed dumplings allow you to experience traditional Chinese cuisine. This isn't to say that you can't also enjoy Chinese cuisine by eating a pan-fried dumpling. Traditional oriental meals change depending on where in China they are from. 


Steaming your dumplings allows you to connect with one part of Asian culture in a delicious way.


Cost Benefits


Steaming frozen dumplings will save you a lot of money. Frozen dumplings taste better than a restaurant, you can buy them in bulk, and you can preserve them for as long as you need in the freezer. 


Plus, the steaming method doesn't require you to buy any ingredients outside of the dumplings. So it's saving you money in that way, too. 


How To Steam Your Dumplings

As mentioned previously, steaming your frozen dumplings isn't a complicated task. It helps if you have a bamboo steamer, here’s how to do it!


steam frozen dumplings


Once you've done all of this, you'll have a delicious, healthy meal in no time. 


Prioritize Your Taste Palate Today

Now you know all the wonderful benefits you get when you steam frozen dumplings. The next question is: Where can I bulk buy my frozen dumplings from?


XCJ Chinese Street Food has you covered. We have a firm philosophy about running an authentic business with high-quality food. And, our frozen dumplings make the perfect delicacy when steamed. 


Order from us today and we'll send you a bag of frozen dumplings right to your door. There's no better time to prioritize and improve your taste palate!


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