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Try all our latest products! This bundle is enough for the whole family... or just you 🤫 we won't tell.


This bundle includes:


🥟 50 Soup Dumplings (1 Bag of Classic Pork)
🍜 1 Noodle Variety Box (6 Portions of Noodles)
🥫 1 Trio Sauce Set (3 MìLà Signature Crafted Sauces)
🎍 1 Bamboo Steamer (includes two 10-inch tiers)
Disclaimer: As we transition over to our new look and feel, you may notice some of the packaging on your orders reflects our existing XCJ branding, but we’re not changing anything about the recipe, production, or quality of our ingredients.

What’s included

  • Classic Pork Soup Dumplings (50 PC) Our best-selling soup dumplings, made with locally sourced pork.
  • Noodle Variety Box (6-Noodle Portions) Try all three of our regional specialty noodles with this variety pack.
  • Crafted Sauce Trio Try all three of our signature dipping sauces. Includes three 6.5 oz. bottles.
  • Bamboo Steamer Basket Handmade with 100% all-natural bamboo. Perfect for presenting your steamed dumplings directly from the kitchen to dining table.


How are your products shipped? Our products are packaged with temperature-stabilizing dry ice and wrapped in an insulated liner. Your order is backed by our “Melt-Free Guarantee” — if there’s a delay in transit that affects the quality of your product, we’ll reship your order and make things right. Where are your products made? All MìLà products are made locally in our manufacturing facilities located in Monterey Park, CA and Auburn, WA. Why did you rebrand? Watching our little brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle grow into a national food brand has been an incredible learning experience. As we’ve grown, we’ve thought a lot about having a name that can grow with us as we expand our offerings beyond Chinese street food classics. We believe that transitioning into MìLà captures the spirit of our story and gives us room to grow, and hopefully you’ll agree! Is it still the same team? We’re still the same small team, founded by second-generation Chinese-Americans, making the same delicious Chinese food. We are very much still a startup obsessively dedicated to making you the best food possible. Are you still using the same recipes? Is it the same product? Rest assured that we’re not changing anything about our recipes, techniques, or the quality of our ingredients. You’ll still be getting all the same delicious Chinese food you know and love.

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MìLà's Soup Dumpling Experience

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