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Finding the Best Chinese Food at the Grocery Store

Finding the Best Chinese Food at the Grocery Store

April 22 2024

We’ve talked before about some of the best bets for finding frozen Chinese food. However, there are a few surprises in store if you’re looking for a quick solution to your craving for Chinese food at the grocery store. 

Check out some of the latest options, and where you might be able to find restaurant-quality soup dumplings near you.

Emerging Frozen Chinese Food Trends Across All Grocery Stores

Frozen Xiao Long Bao

Classic Pork

Our favorite things of all time have gone mainstream, and we’re personally thrilled that the secret is out. Xiao long bao have started to grace the frozen food aisles of grocery stores across the country, branching out from their original homes in specialty Chinese supermarkets to make appearances in big-box stores like Walmart and Target.

Most of the frozen XLBs you’ll find in big box stores are pork as the standard—we certainly don’t mind. However, we always love seeing a variety with options like chicken or beef when they’re available, too.

Fresh-Frozen Chinese Noodles


This is the grocery store Chinese food you should always have on hand at home for any occasion. Whether it’s having dinner with friends, throwing together a quick lunch when you only have a few minutes, or when you’re five hours into binge-watching as many low-budget Lifetime movies as you can in a single sitting, fresh-frozen noodles will always hit that spot in your soul that craves carbs.

Instant noodles will always have a place in our hearts—they got us through college, and at least three years after college if we’re being honest with ourselves. However, frozen noodles have a bouncier chew that just has fresher, more flavorful results that remind us just a little bit more of what our parents used to cook when we were kids.

Frozen Bao

Wow Bao is just the beginning. We were pleasantly surprised when we made a late-night run to get a few essentials from the local grocery store chain and found one of our favorite Chinese foods frozen near the hash browns and oven fries.

However, the classic flavors like barbecue pork and spicy beef are only the beginning. Some brands have been getting in on the craze by recreating the pizza-flavored bao that your friend who studied abroad in Japan wouldn’t stop talking about for six months. We’re also starting to see dessert-flavored bao slowly get a foothold, with coconut custard making more and more appearances.

Where to Look for Our Frozen Chinese Food in the Wild

Our frozen soup dumplings have been starting to appear more and more in retail stores across America! Here are just a few of the places you can find MìLà’s frozen soup dumplings in stores, with a handy map of where to find them.


This was one of the places where we started branching out into the retail space in the last few years. We started working with Costco in a few locations close to home for us on the West Coast. Ever since then, we’ve been slowly expanding to more and more of the wholesale warehouse store’s locations.


Get your Target Circle™ card ready! We’ve been working with Target to bring our authentic frozen soup dumplings to anyone wanting to get more out of their Target run. Our Chinese soup dumplings have been spotted in their frozen aisles from California to Virginia, meaning we’ve been able to bring soup dumplings to shoppers from coast to coast.


Purveyors of soup dumplings at hundreds of East Coast Wegmans locations can find our soup dumplings in a few select flavors so they can always have frozen soup dumplings on hand. Check the frozen dinner aisle and never have to rely on frozen pizzas and freezer-burned chicken nuggets for your next meal again.


Texans, rejoice! You can also get your fix of authentic Chinese frozen food at over 150 H-E-B locations across the Lone Star state. Whether you’re in Lubbock, Corpus Christi, or anywhere in between, your next craving for soup dumplings will have its answer with just a quick trip to the grocery store.

Sam’s Club

Eagle-eyed shoppers at a few Sam’s Club locations on the West Coast may have noticed some familiar packages of frozen soup dumplings starting to appear in the frozen section within the last few months. We’re going to be expanding into even more Sam’s Club locations in the next few months, so get your membership card ready!

Whole Foods

Your regular trip to Whole Foods will never be the same again. The XLB fairies have been sneaking into their frozen meals section in the middle of the night and clandestinely adding bags of MìLà soup dumplings to the shelves. Take advantage of their work next time you find yourself looking for something different in Whole Foods to stock your freezer!

Our Website (Your Best Bet)

Not anywhere near one of the retail stores we’re working with? We get it. We’ve been working as hard as we can to get into stores in the Mountain West and certain parts of the South and New England, but good things come to those who wait. However, if you need to satisfy your dumpling craving ASAP, our online store is the most surefire way to get your hands on some authentic XLBs.

Even more, you’ll also find some exclusives like our Chinese noodles and our sauce trio—and you can do it all without putting on pants if you don’t want to.

Want a few of our limited-edition or otherwise less common soup dumpling flavors? Our website is your best bet for getting a taste of our umami-ful flavors like beef pho or creamy corn soup.

Get the Best Frozen Chinese Food Available Anywhere

From Alaska to Florida and anywhere in between, we can hook you up with soup dumplings that taste like a warm, umami-flavored hug. Order a bag of your favorite frozen soup dumplings online and always have a batch of them on hand, ready to whip up in minutes.