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The Press Has Spoken

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"The dumplings arrived, all of our chopsticks went up, and the laughing stopped as we ate together in a moment of pure ecstasy. “

“These aren't your average frozen dumplings—the delicate dumpling wrappers make little pockets for the seasoned ground meat and unctuous, rice wine-infused broth.”

“If you love restaurant-quality soup dumplings… you've got to check out this inspiring frozen dumpling company.”

“I honestly don’t know of any other ready-made, frozen foods company that is as committed to authenticity and bold flavor profiles in Chinese cuisine as XCJ.”

“XCJ's soup dumplings… [are] mind-blowing and hella easy to prepare.”

“Who knew frozen food could be so delicious?”

“Taste like they came out of a restaurant kitchen.”

"But Xiao Chi Jie is not a company that makes compromises — not even to sell a frozen version of their signature sheng jian bao.”

“These handmade frozen dumplings are my family’s favorite meal on the fly.”

"ICYMI, XCJ XLB is the acronym hot on our lips, and this month there’s yet another reason for it to stay there: Just launched for the recent Lunar New Year is a new beef flavor that crosses the Chinese border for the shores of Taiwan, channeling its classic beef noodle soup."

“My favorite has to be the classic pork option, as that just evokes the strongest memories of eating delicious soup dumplings in my favorite restaurant. I couldn’t be happier now that my freezer is stocked with delicious, mouth-watering soup dumplings.”