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The MiLa Gift Experience: Soup Dumpling Gift Set Bundle

The MiLa Gift Experience: Soup Dumpling Gift Set Bundle

October 16 2023

Looking for the perfect gift set for your loved ones (or yourself) that will provide an unforgettable experience? The MìLà Gift Experience is the perfect soup dumpling gift set for your family, friends, yourself, and anyone else in your life who loves food. 

What’s in the Soup Dumpling Gift Box?

A Bag of Our Frozen Soup Dumplings

One of the stars of the show in our soup dumpling gift box is a bag of 50 of our classic pork soup dumplings. That way, you’ll have enough juicy, restaurant-quality soup dumplings for the whole family… or just you. We won’t tell anybody.

These dumplings are ready to eat after just 10 minutes of steaming. We’ve also thrown in a pack of steamer liners to make the cooking process even easier, so you can have a full soup dumpling experience right from home.

Three Types of Chinese Noodles

To anyone who has ever looked at our Chinese noodles and gotten decision paralysis over which flavor to order, this one’s for you. Our gift bundle includes three different types and flavors of Chinese noodles, including:

  • Dan Dan Noodles
  • Caramelized Scallion Oil Noodles
  • Sweet & Savory Noodles (Zha Jiang)

Our dan dan and sweet and savory noodles come with either the classic ground pork topping or Impossible™ plant-based meat.

Three Jars of Our Dipping Sauces

Whether you’re using our sauce trio as the perfect soup dumpling dipping sauces or you’re adding an extra layer of zhuj to your noodles, this gift bundle has you covered! The three flavors included in the bundle include:

  • Chili Crunch
  • Umami Ginger Scallion Oil
  • Dumpling Dipping Sauce

With this gift bundle, you’ll never have to worry about being short on these pantry staples any time a craving strikes.

Two Dumpling Dipping Bowls and Two Pairs of Chopsticks


Our soup dumpling gift set not only satisfies your craving for dumplings, but also solves the classic problem of accidentally spilling sauce and soup all over your dishes when you’re eating them. That’s because we included a duo of dumpling dipping bowls for delightfully dynamic dunking.

These dipping bowls come in any color you want, as long as it’s blue. They’re also made with BPA-free plastic and allow you to pile in as many dumplings as you might want—within reason—and your favorite dipping sauce.

Short on chopsticks? No problem. We’re also including two pairs of chopsticks in the gift set, in case you want to share these juicy-delicious gifts with a friend.

A Two-Tiered Steamer Basket


Made of 100 percent all-natural bamboo, our steamer basket has two tiers and can steam a total of 24 delicious soup dumplings at a time. Plus, it can be used to steam more than just our delicious soup dumplings. You could potentially use it to steam veggies, your second favorite dumpling variety, or virtually any other type of dim sum that might require steaming.

The best part though? It’s easy to clean. Just wash your steamer basket with mild dish soap and hot water, rinse, and let it air dry completely before storing. That will keep any mold from deciding to crash future soup dumpling parties.

Why Choose Our Soup Dumpling Gift Set?

Our gift bundle is the perfect present for almost any occasion. Whether you want your grandma to get a little taste of home for Lunar New Year or you want to drop a hint to your parents so they get you something other than socks for Christmas, or your friend is hosting a baby shower and the parents need easy postpartum meals, there’s never a wrong time for a soup dumpling gift set that’s ready to use! 

Order a Gift to Remember Today!

Ready to give a gift that won’t end up just gathering dust in somebody’s closet? At MìLà, we can provide both a gift and an experience at the same time. Order your gift bundle today and find your way to your loved one’s heart through their stomach.