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Now at Whole Foods & Target: Soup Dumplings in Supermarkets

Now at Whole Foods & Target: Soup Dumplings in Supermarkets

June 25 2024

You might have noticed something familiar in the frozen aisle during your last Whole Foods or Target run. You weren’t imagining things—we’re in Whole Foods stores nationwide and select Target stores! Here’s everything you might need to know next time you buy our Whole Foods or Target soup dumplings.

Our Soup Dumplings at Whole Foods and Target

If you’re like us and struggling to find freezer space, our frozen soup dumplings at Whole Foods and Target are for you. Each bag contains a pack of 10 of our classic soup dumplings, filled with an explosively delicious broth and a meaty center that’s perfect for an anytime meal.

Souper-Simple Cooking Instructions for MìLà Soup Dumplings

Follow these simple steps to have restaurant-quality soup dumplings in 11 minutes:

  • Bring 2-3 inches of water to a steady boil in a pan or wok
  • Place the steamer liner in your bamboo steamer basket
  • Place up to the entire bag of dumplings on top of the liner with a 1-inch gap between dumplings
  • Steam the dumplings for 11 minutes, then remove them from the heat
  • Rest the dumplings for one minute with the lid on, and then another minute with the lid off

Serve them up with your favorite sauces, and you’ll be on a one-way ticket to umami heaven in no time!

Other Ways to Cook Your Target MìLà Soup Dumplings

The Metal Steamer Basket Method

On principle, that same metal steaming basket you use to steam green beans or broccoli can also steam dumplings. Just follow our instructions above for standard cooking procedures—and don’t forget to use your steamer liners! 

In just over 11 minutes, you’ll have the same juicy, umami results as using a bamboo steamer basket.

The Pressure Cooker Method

You can use this method with rice cookers, Instant Pots, pressure cookers, or other similar small appliances. Here’s how it works:

  • Fill your appliance with a few inches of water
  • Place an inverted colander or wire rack in the water, without fully submerging it
  • Set the steamer liner from your bag of soup dumplings on top of the rack or colander
  • Place your dumplings on top of your makeshift steamer and shut the appliance’s lid

Cooking times will vary depending on which type of appliance you’re using—you may need to do some testing to get the right cooking time. Start by steaming the dumplings on low pressure for at least three minutes in an Instant Pot, or for 10 minutes at a rolling boil in a rice cooker. If the dumplings haven’t reached an internal temperature of 165ºF, continue cooking them in increments until they reach that temperature with a meat thermometer.

The Wire Rack Method

If you have a wire rack and a plate, you can still be on your way to XLB goodness in a matter of minutes. Outdoorsy types, you know what this means—you can make them over a campfire. Just make sure you store your XLBs in a thermos to keep them frozen before cooking.

Place your wire rack in the pot, and pour in a few inches of water. Then, turn on the stove (or stoke the campfire).

Once your water is boiling, place your steamer liner onto the plate. Set your frozen soup dumplings on top, 1 inch apart. Cover the whole setup with your pot lid and let them steam for 11 minutes before inhaling them with your favorite blend of sauces.

The Aluminum Foil Method

Don’t have a wire rack handy, but have a ton of aluminum foil in your drawer? This one’s for you. You’ll need a plate, a shallow pan, and four aluminum foil balls that are roughly the same size. Why so many? They’ll keep the plate from tipping over into the water and prevent you from being stuck with some sad, soggy dumplings.

Place your aluminum foil balls in the pan, fill the pan with about 1.5 inches of water, and turn on the heat. Once the water is boiling, set the plate on top of the three aluminum balls. Then, cover the whole setup with the pan’s lid.

Just like any other cooking hack we’ve mentioned, this process will take 11 minutes—throw on an old episode of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon while you wait, and your dinner/lunch/late-night after-club snack will be ready in no time.

See Where to Buy Frozen Soup Dumplings

Looking for where to find a bag (or five) of our soup dumplings in a store near you? Check out our store locator to see where they are in a store near you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are There Steamer Liners with the Soup Dumplings at Target?

Yes! There is one steamer liner in each bag of our Target and Whole Foods Soup dumplings. It should be enough to cook the entire bag of dumplings on a single layer.

Do I Have to Use a Steamer Liner?

Yes—otherwise, the soup dumplings will stick to the basket, tear open when you try to take them out, and leave you with a bunch of sad, soupless XLBs. 

However, if you’ve run out of steamer liners, you can also use baking parchment, cabbage leaves, or thinly sliced king oyster mushrooms in a pinch.

Why Are My Dumplings Deflated?

Dumplings deflate when they cook too long, expand, and burst. In the process, you’ll lose all the delicious soup to your steaming water under the basket! Be sure to set a timer for 11 minutes and take them off the heat when time is up.

Do I Need to Thaw My Soup Dumplings?

Nope—just like our other XLBs, the MiLa soup dumplings at Target are designed to be steamed from frozen in 10 minutes with one minute of sitting time.