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Your XLB taste better than restaurants - what makes MìLà dumplings so special?

  1. Process
  2. Dumplings are made out of our kitchen in small batches of 18 bags. We produce only what we will sell and your dumplings were likely prepared a day or two before you receive them! Don't underestimate the human touch as well - there are many subtle parts of our process that can only be done by hand. Lastly, we use use only the freshest ingredients we can find!
  2. Recipe
  3. Our roots are in Shanghai Pan Fried soup dumplings, whose filling must remain soupy after frying in hot oil! We have taken our learnings from SJB to craft our own XLB for maximum soup!  



Where are your dumplings made?

  • We make all our dumplings out of our Bellevue Location every morning, we freeze them and then pack and deliver to your door the next day!

Will you be selling XYZ product or XYZ flavor?

We have a bunch of new recipes on the roadmap - if you really want a flavor to happen, please email us at!

Can I have a Full Ingredient List?

  • All ingredients & nutrition labels can be found on our product pages!

I have allergies - can I eat your XLB?

Our XLB does not contain peanuts or tree nuts.

Our dumplings do contain soy, sesame, traces of egg, and milk as a component of the
chicken base we use for the soup. It may also contain trace amounts of shrimp or crab (as a result of shared equipment).


Where do you ship?

We are excited to ship nationwide!

How do my dumplings stay frozen during transit?

Your Xiao Long Bao are packaged with a temperature stabilizing technology (dry ice) and then wrapped in an insulated liner.

For your safety, please do not remove dry ice from the box or handle it with your bare hands.

If you experience a delay in transit that affects the quality of your dumplings, not to worry! Your order is always backed by our "Melt-Free Guarantee." If your dumplings do not arrive frozen, please discard and we’ll reship your order and do what we can to make things right.

I live in SEA metro - can I pickup instead?

Yes! Our address is in downtown Bellevue!
We're open everyday from 11am - 8pm. See you soon!

When will I get my dumplings!

  • Local Pickup - You can receive your dumplings at any time in the store!

    We ship orders Mondays - Thursdays and we aim to ship out dumplings within 1-3 business days after your order is placed. This shipping setup ensures your dumplings remain safe and frozen while traveling with blocks of dry-ice!

    Once shipped, your dumplings will arrive fresh to your home within 2 days. If not, please reach out to us and our team will make things right.


Why did you rebrand?

Watching our little brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle grow into a national food brand has been an incredible learning experience. As we’ve grown, we’ve thought a lot about having a name that can grow with us as we expand our offerings beyond Chinese street food classics. We believe that transitioning into MìLà captures the spirit of our story and gives us room to grow, and hopefully you’ll agree!

Is it still the same team?

We’re still the same small team, founded by second-generation Chinese-Americans, making the same delicious Chinese food. We are very much still a startup obsessively dedicated to making you the best food possible.

Are you still using the same recipes? Is it the same product?

Rest assured that we’re not changing anything about our recipes, techniques, or the quality of our ingredients. You’ll still be getting all the same delicious Chinese food you know and love.

I'm a journalist - who do I contact?

Classic, using your clout for free XLB… email

Fulfillment Policy

We ship orders typically Monday through Wednesday to prevent our perishables from being stuck in a warehouse over the weekend.


After an order leaves our warehouse, it is the responsibility of the carrier to deliver the order in good condition and in a timely manner.


However, if they do not do so, we will do everything in our power to make it right. Please reach out to and we will attempt to process a reship!



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