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They’re Baaack! Reintroducing Beef Pho Soup Dumplings

They’re Baaack! Reintroducing Beef Pho Soup Dumplings

June 10 2024

To those who have been demanding to know when pho soup dumplings are coming back to our store, look no further. They’re back for good. Learn more about how our Pho Beef Soup Dumplings started as a Lunar New Year limited-edition run and why they’re now a staple for our freezers.

What’s in a Pho Soup Dumpling?

We’ve been trying to crack the code on how to satisfy our two biggest cravings in a single food for years now. Thanks to our friends at Phở Bắc, Seattle’s very first pho shop, we’ve finally made a breakthrough.

Our Pho Beef Soup Dumplings are the ultimate way to do something different with your lunch, dinner, or those cravings that hit at 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning. We changed up the recipe for this collaboration, departing from the classic pork-based soup broth and exchanging it for beef.

From there, we threw in some of the classic ingredients for a steaming bowl of pho: the flavor of caramelized onions, scallions, and cilantro. This combination gives both the broth and the meaty center the herbaceous, earthy flavor and aroma we’ve come to know and love from pho, all in a bite-sized package—without the rice noodles.

From the Sauce Sommeliers: What to Pair with Pho Dumplings

Our favorite thing about going for a hot bowl of Pho is just how easy it is to create your own flavor experience. Here’s what we recommend though for getting a rich, perfectly comforting cross-cultural experience right at home.

Dumpling Dipping Sauce for Pho Soup Dumplings

When we put our heads together with our friends at Phở Bắc, they recommended a specialized dipping sauce combination to bring out the complex, delicate notes in the soup and the beef itself.

Our favorite dipping sauce for the Pho Beef Soup Dumplings includes:

  • 2 tbsp of our Dumpling Dipping Sauce
  • 1 tbsp sriracha sauce
  • A generous amount of black pepper
  • Enough lime juice to brighten up the mixture

This DIY combination of sauces is designed to replicate the umami, savory, spicy, and tangy elements in a perfectly simmered bowl of pho from Phở Bắc, all at a bite-sized scale.

Accouterments and Sides

Looking to elevate the experience the way our friends at Phở Bắc intended? You don’t need much to make the pho soup dumpling experience complete. Just wrap your soup dumpling in a fresh basil leaf and let it deliver a wave of umami goodness in a few bites.

The Origins of Our Beef Pho Soup Dumplings

It all started when our co-founder, Jen, attended dance classes every week in Seattle. After she’d finish class in the evening, she and her family would swing by Phở Bắc for a hot, steaming bowl of their signature southern-style Vietnamese soup.

The rich, complex flavor profile of their pho was a staple of Jen’s childhood. Therefore, during a recent trip down memory lane, she reached out to the experts at Phở Bắc and proposed a pho-themed collaboration just in time for Lunar New Year 2024.

Thus began one of our biggest culinary challenges yet.

Creating the filling was a bit of a deviation from what we’re used to, but we can work just as well with beef as we can with pork or chicken. However, the broth was another matter altogether.

We won’t say just how much trial and error we went through to match that perfect blend of sweet, savory, and umami that Phở Bắc has mastered. Just know that it took months of revisiting the drawing board to perfectly encapsulate that slow-cooked broth in Xiao Long Bao form.

When we finally put them up for sale the first time, we were blown away—you all bought up our entire order in just three weeks. From there, the questions kept pouring in about when they were coming back. We knew we couldn’t keep them away for too long!

Where to Find MìLà’s Pho Soup Dumplings

Our Pho Beef Soup Dumplings is on its way to becoming a permanent member of our core lineup of frozen soup dumplings. There might be a few limited runs in the next few months while we get them fully up and running at the XLB headquarters, but we will have them permanently available in the near future so you can always get your fix.

In the meantime, those limited quantities are still in effect.

Soon, you’ll also be able to find MìLà’s pho soup dumplings near you at some of your favorite retailers in the near future. If you live near one of the Target stores we call home, you’ll be able to find small 10-packs with our pho soup dumplings. It’s the perfect way to capture two of the best tastes of Chinese and Vietnamese-style cuisine at home—right in the freezer section.

Order Your Pho-Nomenal Dumplings Today

Get them while you still can! The Pho Beef Soup Dumplings will be available in limited batches while we streamline the production process, so the only way to ensure you have them when the craving strikes is to order now.