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Chinese Comfort Food with the Full Meal Experience

Chinese Comfort Food with the Full Meal Experience

April 8 2024

Every culture in the world has its own version of comfort food. China’s no different. There are certain Chinese dishes that you’d expect if you ever came to hang out at grandma’s house after school, or if your parents just needed to get dinner on the table when it was pouring down rain or snowing outside. 

These are a few of our favorites—and how we combined them all into the Full Meal Experience so we can always have them ready when the comfort food craving strikes.

The Top Comfort Chinese Foods

Frozen Chinese Soup Dumplings

It doesn’t get much more “comfort food” than soup dumplings. We turn to these when it’s cold and rainy outside, when we’re feeling under the weather, when we’ve still got mascara running down our faces after a breakup, or when we just really need to taste something that feels like a warm hug from a really nice grandma.

No matter what you might have going on, soup dumplings can cure what ails you. It also helps when they come in a variety of flavor options, including:

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Chinese Noodles

Whether you’ve been enjoying something else that makes you immediately start craving carbs or you just want to have an easy dinner that’s packed with flavor, Chinese noodles are there for you. This carbo-rrific lifesaver helped us survive college in more ways than one.

Plus, since there are so many different varieties, there’s almost no wrong way to eat them—just as long as you cook them long enough.

There’s also, like, a million different ways to prepare them. Only have condiments and peanut butter? Throw together some sesame peanut noodles and you have lunch ready in minutes. Want to impress your aunties who sprung a last-minute visit on you when they were two miles up the road? Dan dan noodles can impress them in a matter of minutes. Had too much fun on a Friday night? Noodle soup can help you soak up all the regrets.

The possibilities are truly endless. Try them as part of the ultimate comfort food bundle today.

The Full Meal Experience Bundle

Think of the Full Meal Experience as a magic version of a Chinese meal kit that doesn’t involve you having to roll out dough. We took care of the hard part—all you have to do now is follow the package instructions for 10 minutes tops and let the comfort food craving take you for a ride. Here’s everything you can expect to find inside.

Our Frozen Xiao Long Bao (50 of Them!)

We’re definitely blasting our own horns, but these are the best frozen Xiao Long Bao you’ll ever taste. This bundle comes with a bulk bag containing 50 of our pork soup dumplings—enough to feed the whole family! Or just you. We won’t snitch.

These dumplings come with temperature-stabilizing dry ice and an insulated liner, meaning they’ll stay just as cold as that look your parents gave you that time you flunked your biology test as a kid. We guarantee it won’t melt! But, even if something goes wrong in transit, we’ll reship your order to make things right.

Get the ultimate comfort food with our XLBs today.

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Flash-Frozen Chinese Noodles

Ever seen our selection of Chinese noodles and not been able to decide which type you want? This is for those of us who see multiple choices and say, “¿Por qué no los dos?”

Or in this case, all three. The Full Meal Experience also comes with a variety box of Chinese noodles with six portions inside. The noods we’ll send include:

  • Spicy Dan Dan Noodles: These combine fresh, bouncy wheat noodles with a spicy sesame sauce. It has the classic tingly spiciness people have come to know, love, and used to test their friends’ spice tolerances after they talked a big game about handling the heat.
  • Caramelized Scallion Oil Noodles: Our soup dumplings not umami enough for you? This humble vegan delight will give you the umami one-two punch you never expected.
  • Sweet & Savory Noodles: Also calls zhajiang noodles (炸酱面), these chewy noodles have a rich, soybean-based sauce. When you top it with fresh cucumbers and carrots, it also doubles as a way to put your mom’s worries about you getting enough vegetables at ease for another day.
  • Find our carbo-licious comfort food.

    Our Soup Dumpling Dipping Sauce Trio 2.0

    We took our classic trio of sauces and helped them graduate! The three sauces you’ll get in this pack include:

  • Chili Crunch: We put this spicy, garlicky stuff on EVERYTHING. Dan dan noodles? You bet. Soup dumplings? Obviously. Spaghetti bolognese? Yeah! Ice cream? We did say everything.
  • Umami Scallion Ginger Oil: The real ones know that the best sauce for the umami explosion that is soup dumplings is to add even more umami on top of it. This ginger and scallion oil is inspired by Hainanese chicken rice sauce and makes some of the more delicate flavor notes in our soup dumplings sing.
  • Dumpling Dipping Sauce: This goes together with dumplings like coffee and doughnuts. Our dumpling sauce recipe is a soy and vinegar-based sauce with hints of sesame oil and sugar to perfectly contrast the umami flavors in a soup dumpling.
  • Get extra saucy with our comfort food package today.

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    Bamboo Steamer Basket

    Not sure where to go to get a bamboo steamer near you to make sure your soup dumplings are done right? Aside from a whole bunch of creative ways we’ve found to make them for those who are trapped in a college dorm or a hotel room, we can also make it easier with our bamboo steamer basket

    Our steamer basket is lightweight and perfect for impressing your friends right at the dinner table, on the countertop during an intramural baby shower, or when you’re watching your favorite football team get slaughtered for the third game in a row. The basket includes two 10-inch tiers, each of which can steam up to 12 dumplings at a time!

    Never Worry About Your Next Comfort Food Fix Again

    Ready to have your freezer fully stocked before your next craving? We’ve got you. Order the Full Meal Experience today and have all the essentials at the ready.

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