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Y so weak challenge!

  • 3 heat levels to challenge your taste buds
  • Made with real crab & Carolina Reaper chilis
  • Chef crafted Singaporean inspired
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Y so weak challenge!

A note from uncle roger

Hallo niece and nephew, my Y So Weak Creamy Chili Crab Pasta finally here FUIYOH!!! Uncle Roger work very hard with MìLà to make sure we use the best crab, best noodle, and hottest chilis to make the most mouth-watering meal of your life. Growing up in Malaysia, little Uncle Roger (before I was uncle) LOVE this spicy crab dish. You can taste crab in every bite. You won’t find this flavor and taste anywhere else. Get it now!

- Uncle Roger

Creamy Chili Crab Pasta

Creamy Chili Crab Pasta


Each Pasta Kit comes with 2 bundles of bucatini + 2 packets of rich and creamy sauce (medium & hot spice levels) with crab in every bite. If you’re a self proclaimed lover of spice, kick up the heat with a packet of eye-watering XXX-hot chili oil made from Carolina Reaper chilis - one of the hottest peppers on earth. Take this challenge with your spice loving friends and see who can handle the heat!

* available only in the US


Complete the Spicy Experience

Creamy Chili Crab Pasta
Classic Pork
Chili Crunch
Spicy Dan Dan Noodle / Ground Pork
Total Price: $118.96

🦀 Creamy Chili Crab Sauce (2 pk)

  • Two separate creamy chili sauces (medium Nephew and hot Uncle level). Imbued with real half-and-half and fresh wild-caught lump crab meat.

🍝 Bucatini Pasta (2 bundles)

  • Slow-dried DeCecco bucatini (similar to spaghetti, but thicker and hollow) has the perfect texture to catch all the creamy-spicy sauce

☠️ Carolina Reaper Oil (1 pk)

  • A packet of eye-watering Auntie Oil made from Carolina Reaper chilies.

Take the challenge

We’re challenging all of the self-proclaimed spice lovers out there—how far can you go? To win this challenge, finish an entire bowl of uncle pasta with an entire packet of auntie oil in one sitting.

Not sure how much heat you can handle?

• Start with level 1: nephew sauce

• Make your way up to uncle sauce

• Then slowly drizzle in auntie oil & repeat until you reach your limit!

Make the spiciest level noods you can handle, then record a quick video & tag #YSoWeak, @eat.mila & @mrnigelng.


    🔥 Wall of Flame 🔥

    See what you’re up against—the competition is fierce!

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    “The dish itself tastes absolutely delicious. Despite coming as a frozen package, the flakes of crab were the perfect texture to complement the chili sauce. It was a satisfying (if painful) dinner, and if I hadn't felt the heat burn through my esophagus on the way down I'd consider stocking up and adding it to my regular meal rotation.”

    - Sara Belcher, Distractify


    How do I take the challenge?

    To win this challenge, finish an entire bowl of uncle pasta with an entire packet of auntie oil in one sitting. Not sure how much heat you can handle? Start with level 1: nephew sauce and make your way up to uncle sauce, and then auntie oil.  We recommend you drizzle the oil, taste and repeat until you reach your limit!

    What’s the spice level on this product?

    Although the bucatini noodles are not spicy on their own, both sauces, as well as the chili oil, pack noticeable heat. If you're sensitive to spice, this product probably isn’t right for you!

    What if I can't handle spice?

    We recommend starting with level 1: nephew sauce & gradually make your way up to uncle sauce. Slowly drizzle Auntie oil, taste & repeat until you reach your limit!

    Why is this product called ‘Why So Weak?’

    This pasta + spicy sauce kit was made in collaboration with comedian Uncle Roger, who is known to have a high spice tolerance. “Why so weak” is his catchphrase, often used to call out individuals who can't handle the heat.

    What noodles are included in the box?

    The noodles are bucatini (a long, thin, hollow noodle resembling a thicker spaghetti) from DeCecco. They are not gluten-free.

    Is the crab in this product real?

    Yes, the creamy sauce is made with fresh, wild-caught lump crab meat.

    Where can I get a full ingredient list?